United Oil produces premier lubricants, coolants and fluids for manufacturers of steel, aluminum and specialty metal industries.  In addition, you can find our products anywhere industrial equipment is engaged in rigorous duty and extreme environments requiring certifiable quality and superior performance.

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Count on United Oil Company

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United Oil Company has been producing high performance lubricants and industrial fluids since 1906.  We combine cutting edge science and innovative engineering to provide top quality products that deliver measurable value to our customers' bottom line.  We bring a world class depth of industry knowledge and experience to the table and apply it to every product we make.

Tough. Smart. Efficient.
Plays well with others.


United Oil Company’s  optimised offerings for the metal industry have been precisely crafted over time engaging advanced technology and decades of experience. Our formulations deliver superior performance across their primary tasks, while providing excellent secondary and tertiary results in severe environments.  

How do we do it?

United lubricants are created from quality synthetic and organic base stocks combined with unique, custom components and "complete package" additive systems.  Our industrial products encompass specialty oils which may be engineered for up-process compatibility, oxidation resistance, outstanding thermal and shear stability and corrosion protection while being environmentally cordial. (The rest is pure magic.)

Custom Lubricant and Fluid Formulations

If you don’t find the lubricants to meet your OEM, ISO or FDA requirements listed in the product pages, give us a call at 412-231-1270. We can cross-reference the items you need, or design and manufacture lubricants to your specifications.  We welcome your questions and the opportunity to tackle a challenge.


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United Oil Company’s lubricants, coolants, protective coatings and industrial fluids are precisely formulated for hot and cold rolling, cleaning, quenching, wire drawing, machining and related industrial processes.

Industrial Lubricants 

  • Bearing Lubricants
  • Compressor Lubricants
  • Gear Lubricant
  • Premium Petroleum ISO Grade Hydraulic Fluids
  • Synthetic ISO Grade Hydraulic Fluids
  • Bio-Degradable Hydraulic Fluids
  • Mist Lubricants


  • Oil Analysis
  • Technical Assistance
  • Custom Lubricant Formulations

Metal Processing Fluids

  • Hi Tensile Cutting Fluids
  • Hot & Cold Rolling Mill Oils
  • Synthetic and Semi Synthetic Grinding Fluid
  • Ferrous and Non Ferrous Protective Oils
  • Wire Drawing Lubricants
  • Pickle lubricant
  • Quench Oils
  • Punch Oils
  • Coolants